Its Monday. Do you feel rested?

Many of us start the week exhausted rather than refreshed as we spend most of our weekend running around doing all of the things that we weren’t able to do in the week before. It’s a time for laundry and cleaning house, combing kids’ hair and sneaking an hour or two of me time. It is a cycle that repeats itself and looks like the best way to live but we always get to Monday overwhelmed and exhausted.

Over the years as I have sought to have God direct every area of my life, I even surrender how my days are ordered and allow Him to set my agenda. This may be hard for some people to do as they work for other people but you can still allow God to guide your ways so that you are productive on the job and still able to meet the needs of your family and your other obligations. Learning to give God the best parts of my days have been a blessing. If it meant starting out Monday morning on my knees or feeding myself with His word, then that is what I did.  I stopped allowing the few tired seconds before I fall asleep to be the only time I talk to God but rather talk to Him all day about what ever I am doing and no matter where I am.

A time or two that has meant someone asking if I’m crazy because I am speaking in tongues under my breath as I wash the dishes or other things but I don’t mind. I need to connect with my Lord. He is always present, always wanting to hear from me. There are times when He is silent and He wants me to be silent too and just enjoy being with Him. I have learned that is just as precious to me.

This week, seek ways to be in God’s presence. To allow Him final authority over your agenda. You will be amazed how your attitude changes and the level of energy you will have by the next time Monday comes around.

Be blessed.

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