New Book: How to Thrive in Trying Times

Inspirational New Self-help Book Provides a Means of Strength, Support to Aid in Tough Times
Dr.Nicole E. FrancisST MAARTEN – Global socio-economic crisis. Environmental degradation. War, crime, civil unrest and a disintegration of the traditional values held within the home and community; are among the social, economic and political ills that plague us in our own time. We can not deny it anymore, but there is also no reason to give up all hope. Founder and director of Victorious Living Foundation, a family-oriented nonprofit group dedicated to empowering Caribbean and global communities, Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis, reveals the keys to regaining focus and bringing joy back into readers’ lives through faith in God and oneself in her new self-help book, How To Thrive in Trying Times (published by AuthorHouse). 

How to Thrive in Trying Times presents readers with a variety of poems, and lessons from the Bible in order to supply them with the means of enduring social and economic hardship. Francis urges readers to put their faith in God, trust him, and find the determination to overcome the challenges that life throws their way. She writes: 

Despite these challenges however, if you are a child of God and a believer in Jesus the Christ, you have hope in knowing that your elder brother Jesus Christ conquered the impossible, hell, death and the grave some 2000 years ago so that you may be able to thrive under the harshest of circumstances.

Consequently, this book is meant to inspire you and propel you to understand that no matter what the doomsayers predict and what your external circumstances seem to scream at you, through Christ all things are possible. Therefore, not only can you survive, but also thrive in the midst of these trying times.  

Concise and practical, How to Thrive in Trying Times is a must-read for those experiencing doubt, stress and a sense of hopelessness due to global unrest. Francis reveals the answers that readers have been searching for and gives them the encouragement they need to continue on, to find opportunities in times of great adversity. 

Advance praise for How to Thrive in Trying Times

With approximately six billion people in this world traveling through life with immense pain, disappointments, fear and so many other hurdles to leap over, bridges to cross, tunnels to travel through, people need to know How To Thrive in Trying Times. This book is simple to follow. The content is well outlined to bring clarity to you on your journey”

Rev. Dr. Aldansa Ambrose, founder and director of Grace Hills Bible College, Irvington, N.J. 

Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Tampa and her master’s degree in counseling with concentrations in marriage and family therapy from Oral Roberts University. She is the founder of Victorious Living Foundation based in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, which empowers communities by focusing on the power of reconciliation. Francis has also authored It’s Time for Change, a book of inspirational poetry. For more information, please visit: 

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