A Perfect God

I woke up this morning with my spirit light and praise on my lips. As I took a moment to reflect on my God and His love for me. The antics of my children the evening before made me laugh and also relieved as they recounted their memories of several incidents that they we have not spoken about collectively before. What was funny was their version of the story and the stuff you don’t remember or notice in the heat of the moment.
As I recognized that the moment signaled a turn in our healing, I could only thank God for knowing the perfect time and the perfect way to turn darkness into day.
David said in Psalms 18:30 “As for God His way is perfect.” I felt that this morning and still do right now. It says I can trust His plan over my wishes and wants. God’s perfectness says that He sees far beyond what I can with my natural eyes or even in the spirit. He knows how every circumstance can turn for my good if I allow God to be in control of my life.

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