Give More Love

The hardest times to give love is when you are truly feeling unloved, taken advantage of and rejected but those are exactly the times that God would love for us do so.
When Jesus was arrested and being accused of crimes rather than being on the defensive and fighting back He chose to give love. Peter coming to Jesus’ defense cut off the ear of a soldier. Jesus still found the time to heal the man’s ear in what was about to be the fight of His life.
Today you may find it impossible to even find love for yourself but trust me it is there. If you dig a bit deeper you will find love enough to share with even your enemies.
Maybe they are far away…so love them with your prayers. It is quite freeing to not allow other people’s issues to become your own or their attitudes. It is liberating to live above the storms of life and show love at every turn. Today, whenever possible give more love whether you believe they deserve it or not.

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