Under Pressure

As a child I never understood the purpose of a pressure cooker but now I do. It just seemed like another pot that Mom used to cook meat and peas and it had a rubber inside and that weight on the top that rattled all of the time. Try slow cooking some meat because you don’t own a pressure cooker and you understand the value of having this pot that can get your meat tender and ready to consume in a tenth of the time it takes without one. 

Over the years I have found that I work well under pressure. It is not to say I want to live my life in a pressure cooker but those times help me to see what I am made of. I admit there were many years when I resisted this pressure and acted out or closed myself in, never being able to function effectively. Now it is another season and time to manifest what is on the inside of me and how deep the Word of God goes.

There were times when the pressure from circumstances and other people caused me to lash out against myself or my children but I am glad that with God’s grace those moments are few and the ones that slip through don’t last but for a moment. 

The pressure that I feel right now reminds me of the final hour of labor. The contractions are all connected and as one ends the other starts and there is no time for jokes or a song. Nothing but breathing. You can’t go back for you are too far gone. You can’t push yet because there is just a bit more to go on the journey. All you can do is breathe in and out and ride the waves of each contraction of pressure.

I want to cry. I want to yell but it is all pointless. It is taking precious air away from my baby and I need to preserve my energy to push. This is the time when you can only groan and pray that God hears. It is the time when you have to trust He is totally with you because you have no energy to turn to see if He is by yourside or whether you can feel Him. This is not the moment to wonder if you made the right decisions up to this point. They will change nothing now. It is just time to breathe and now push.

Four little words but they change everything. Now you do the work that you spent nine months creating. No more time to feel terror or wonder about your ability you can only trust.

There is no temptation taken you but such that is common to man but God will with the temptation make a way of escape that you will be able to bear it.

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