The Ache

The ache in my chest is different. Not like it was before when it just hurt to so bad, when it felt as if it was broken and would always stay that way.
This ache is sweet, a longing, a sigh, a touch. It makes me tremble and I want to ache some more. I can’t even tell you how this feels because I know you won’t tell me the truth. I want to hear you say you are aching too. But still I don’t want you to.
Maybe if you confirmed or denied the ache would stop and I know I love feeling this way. I’m not ready for it to stop. Not ready to rationalize whether this makes sense or not. Whether it is wrong or right. 
I feel selfish right now. Don’t even want to share it with God. I know He knows all but I don’t want Him to tell me I have to give this up too. I know…I know He knows whats best for me but for one more moment, I want to hold on to this feeling. I haven’t felt it in forever and it feels good.

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