Last One Picked

Gym class at BVI High was no fun. I was never athletic and didn’t care to be but for a 10-year-old girl who had no clue how she fit in with the world, you at least wanted to know that you were on the team.

Why teachers felt it necessary to have the best athletes lead each team and then do the picking, I will never know. Talk about a way to destroy young people’s self-esteem. You knew they would pick their friends first and the tallest or biggest depending on the sport. I was guaranteed to be the last one picked, because I was awkward looking,  or so I thought, clumsy and the shortest one around.

Somehow and over time I developed the ability to cheer everyone on, even when I was overlooked even when it was my turn. It became natural for me to celebrate the successes of others when I didn’t seem to be having any success of my own. Even today I have no problem seeing others getting ahead of me because I now know special orders take time. I have never been one to go along with the crowd or wanting what other people have. My road has always been my own albeit it a lonely one.

I am feeling like the last one picked today. Everyone I’ve been praying for and encouraging are having their dreams come through before my eyes. Prayers are being answered it seemed almost instantaneously and I wonder if mine have gone unnoticed or unheard. I know it is not true, but so it seems right now. This feeling shall pass and will pass when I remind myself that God has never failed to answer my prayers. He chooses when and how. As I surrender to His plan and desire for me I know it will be best.

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