The Waiting Game

Sarah had a promise from God…she would bare a son. She would be the mother of many nations but she didn’t believe. She laughed at God and hence later had to name her son Isaac, which means “God has made me to laugh.”

God always has the last laugh but we can be laughing too if we only knew how to be patient and wait.

I haven’t been particular good at this character trait over the years. Like many, I want what I want when I want it. But like it or not life eventually teaches you the lesson that good things come to those who wait and not before.

Sarah figured she would help God out and offered her maid Hagar to her husband Abraham. We can debate why Abraham didn’t say no another time but suffice it to say this offer didn’t turn out so great. Hagar birthed Ishmael but although he too was blessed he was not the promised blessing. It also caused tremendous friction between the two women and Sarah eventually made Abraham put Hagar and his son out.

I wonder if you have a promised blessing that you are waiting on. While you are waiting you see something close enough for it to be true. Do you take it or do you wait?  Biblical stories are given to us as guide to enhance our own lives on this earth. We can learn a lesson from Sarah’s unbelief and impatience. Wait.

God never said you had to wait well, just wait. But I continue to learn that to wait well comes from having a simple desire just to please my Heavenly Father. It takes practice. As women we always want to help the situation out, especially our men when we see them hurting. But there are certain journeys they have to take on their own and all we should do is pray them through and offer encouragement as they ask for it.

It can feel that it is not enough or will not bring the desired outcome, again because it is not happening the way we perceive it should. But God is faithful to perform what He said He would do…He is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that He should repent.

Wait sis…God’s promise is on the way.

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