Rise Again

Easter is gone but I’m just kicking into mode. Dallas Holm’s Rise Again comes to mind. A favorite my sisters and I sang at church regularly back in the day.

It tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion from His perspective. This is one of those moments when I will flow with the Spirit and say that your life may look the same way right now. You’ve been believing God to do great things…You dared to share the visions God gave you with your significant other or a friend and they’ve mocked you.

Worst of all your life went from pretty ok to down the tubes in a moment it seemed, bringing you to more derision and mockery.

“If this is the Son of God, why doesn’t He come down,” they shouted. “If you are truly a child of God, why are so many things happening to you? I thought you said you were going to be a successful business person. How come you are filing for divorce…where is your God now?”

Let them talk and mock you. Let the mock your Jesus but know this…Sunday came. I wish in your life, Sunday took three days to get there from the time your situation begun but that is rarely the case. Just rest assured your Sunday morning of victory will come and when it does…the same people will be there to say “Wasn’t this the Carpenter’s Son? Surely He must be the Son of God.”

Be blessed today

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