Prayer Changes Things

I have never been one for spending hours kneeling talking to God. I have nothing against those who can do this…in fact I give them major props. For me talking to God has been and is an ongoing conversation all day, every day. When I find a stolen moment, I talk and wait to listen.

I don’t always get it right. Some days I realize I made it to the end without consciously acknowledging His presence. I take Him for granted, because I know He is always with me.

But just like any human relationship you have to work on this one too. I am learning how to make time alone with Him without the need to fill the space with noise or words but just enjoy His company. It amazes me that He can be so tangibly present, yet so silent.

In the past year my prayer life has changed considerably and for this I am thankful. Yes it does take challenges to drive you to your knees but for me it started with just a desire to have more of Him. The challenges came as a result of the request but that was alright, He was with me and still is. I am blessed to enjoy the fellowship He sends my way to stir up my pursuit of Him more consciously and consistently. It is not an offhand conversation but a deliberate attempt to be with Him and seek His counsel.

I am reaping the benefits of this renewed connection. I am seeing the tangible results in those that I pray for. I love the Lord for giving us such access and I pray today that you will talk to your Heavenly Father about your deepest desires and hurts. He is willing and able to make all things new. Your prayes will move mountains and heal broken hearts.

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