I was about to write a poor me post about how down I felt but that all changed. Several amazing friends who connected with me in my moment of need, shared my burden and suddenly it is a lot lighter.

As you can probably tell from my posts, my passion is inspiring others and often I feel pretty silly when I can’t seem to motivate myself out of a hole. If I really want to think more about why my thoughts were so low today, I can immediately point to today being “that time of the month” when my emotions usually are haywire and the slightest wave rocks my boat.

My friends all tell me, I am allowed one day like this or as many as I need to sometimes, but thankfully those feelings hardly extend for a longer than a few hours these days as I offload them in prayer or just by ranting to a friend. God truly knows what I need and I am thankful that He does. His strength is made perfect in my weakness and then am I strong.

Be blessed today!

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