Not in My Boat

Isn’t it great to be alive?

Just got through scrubbing the bathrooms, which used to be my favorite chore as a girl but now it is such a hassle but yet whenever I do, the Spirit manages to show up and talk. I guess I am less bothered about stuff in that room and in fact, the whole processing of scrubbing and cleaning also cleanses me as well.

I’ve been thinking about writing through pain and I remember a time when I could not write at all. It didn’t matter whether it was a good day or bad, words just would not flow. Now I know it is because I had such a fear about my ability to write that I felt it was useless to try. Then writing became the way I communicated to God when I felt my mouth failed me in prayer. God used that to heal my heart and show me the true state of my relationship and also how far I had gone from Him. But in truth, He had never left me and was just waiting for me to see that.

I dreaded the thought that I would only write about tough times and wondered if it needed to stay that way for me to write such powerful stuff. Lord, what do I write about when you are silent and my life feels great? So I had to learn to write in the quietness of my own Spirit and His.

I think about that today, knowing that there is more to life beyond constant pain and drama. It is hard to break the addiction to drama and even harder not to create it yourself, so you can always feel life is happening. When I asked the Lord today about it, He took me back to Jesus sleeping in the boat while the storm raged. The disciples were all concerned and said as much that He didn’t care. It is not that He didn’t care. He knew who had control of the storm and He refused to let the storm get inside of him. We won’t always need pain to write from. The day will and must come when no matter what is happening around us, it won’t change the quiet, peace and stillness of our spirits when it is resting in the Almighty One.

Don’t let the storms in your life, get into your boat. Sleep well. Sleep trusting. Sleep knowing God has it all in control.

In my favorite book Joshua, certain enemies were never overcome completely. They could not kill them out, and in fact subdued them and made them slaves or relegated to smaller regions. In the book of Judges, it was explained that God permitted this to be so that future generations would always have to fight to maintain the edge. He knew if they got complacent, they would return to the ways of the past and the coming generations would be unskilled in warfare. When you wonder, as I do, why hasn’t this changed? When God, when? It is for our benefit, to help us maintain our edge but to put them under our feet, knowing that we are in control and they can no longer shake our world.

We have allowed too many people, too many situations to shake our world. To destabilize us and make us lose our grace and our peace. We give up our power to people and things undeserving. I commit myself to sleeping in the midst of the storm, to sit down with my enemies and eat what they have prepared for me without fear. I commit myself to writing, for it is my passion and my good pleasure to use this most precious gift of words to empower and inspire others.

I pray for you a week filled with the uncommon favor of My Most Gracious Father. May you experience His love as you go. May you be a blessing to all you meet and unexpected blessings be returned to you without measure each and every day.

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