Guide to Good Love Now in Print

coverb-1-1PHILIPSBURG, ST. MAARTEN – The eagerly awaited, Truly Caribbean Woman’s Guide to Good Love by serial entrepreneur and new author, Nerissa Golden is now available in print.

Although previously released as a free Ebook, the demand for printed versions of the book has increased, says the author. “The response has been overwhelming and many women requested the chance to order their own copies and also to share with friends. Many found it difficult to read online and wanted to be able to have it to add to their collection.”

The book is available at and cost US$ 14.00.

Golden said she was prompted to write the book at the demise of her marriage and seeing other women going through the same process but not being able to move beyond the pain of the break up.

“We all had similar fears, about raising our children, providing for ourselves, trusting men and especially if there was physical abuse or infidelity the idea that we could find love again and also trust our own abilities to make good decisions,” explained the single mother of four. “ And contrary to what many people believe all the good black men are not taken or in prison. But it is really hard to see them when you don’t believe you are a good woman or deserve to have the best life has to offer.”

The author stresses throughout the book the importance of women identifying their positive and negative contributions to any relationship, rather than pointing fingers at others. Women are encouraged to find their spiritual identity and then choose not to compromise in this area as that attracts the wrong types of relationships.

“Even bad marriages or friendships tell us something about ourselves and so we have to be able to honestly evaluate all of the people we are associated with. Many of us don’t take the time to assess who we allow into our lives but yet have expectations that everyone is just out to do us good.”

Golden deals with domestic violence and offers help for women to navigate the emotional battleground where this war is waged most intensely. “It is very easy for friends and family to tell you to get out of a bad relationship but when they don’t understand what brought you to it in the first place, you may leave physically and still be emotionally tied to that man or the situation. When that happens you are likely to attract other abusive relationships to yourself. The book offers suggestions on how women can overcome the fear of the abuser but also reconstruct their own self image to prepare for more fulfilling and lasting love.”

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Nerissa Golden is a prolific speaker and writer. She is the author of Truly Caribbean Woman’s Guide to Good Love and The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur: Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Building Wealth. She publishes Truly Woman, a free Emagazine and is the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES) conferences for the Caribbean.

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  1. Nerissa,

    Thank you, so much, for being so selfless as to pour your soul into this book for the purpose of sharing with others. I just love it! No one looks forward to troubling times but to come out on the other side and use your experiences for the benefit of others is phenomenal in thought and deed! This book is my hope, my light … my tangible reminder (when things aren’t so great) that… “this too shall pass” and I will survive. Thanks so much!

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