My Hiding Place

Don’t you just love how God has packed teachable moments in every aspect of our daily lives? There was I reading Josh’s science lesson to him on the turtle and received a little reminder of God’s love for me. The turtle was given a protective shell not just to be its home but to keep it out of harms way. There he is mosying along trying to find water but knowing there is danger at every turn. With one move he can be in hiding and without fear of harm.

I had to turn to Josh and ask if he knew that he had a shell as well. Of course he looked at me quizically, doubting my sincerity. Yes, you do, I said. Psalms 91 says that he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It is the place we must all run to and in fact live as we walk or sometimes trudge through life.

Danger awaits us without the security of the Secret Place. When we live knowing that we are in God’s will, then we can be assured like David that God will be our refuge and our fortress.

Josh of course stated the obvious…”I don’t see my shell.” Many of us are still caught up in the physical. We look for outward signs when we should be seeing with spiritual eyes. Spirit first then the physical. Accepting the shelter of God’s love and provision guarantees us a hiding place that cannot be moved and which no enemy can enter and destroy.

Live in your shell today. Stay beneath the wings of the Almighty and be at peace. Nothing missing. Nothing broken.


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  1. Thanks Nerie. I needed the reminder that I too have a protective shell and that whatever has been hurting me so terribly, has done so because I walked “out” of my shell. Under His wings I am safely abiding…comes to mind and I will sing it now as my night’s worship and prayer. Love you. Keep writing. Melinda.

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