Daddy I've Got a Headache

I have had a recurring headache for the past three days. The only thing that seems to get rid of it, is to not do anything, not even think and just rest my brain. That is the hardest thing to do right now but it is the only way to make it go away.

This is one of those times when I am writing to say that I am hurting and I just want it to stop. This is one of those periods when I would rather not be mommy and have midnight trips to the bathroom to avoid wet beds and early alarms wake ups to get everyone to school reasonably on time.

I am tired Daddy. Tired of going around the mountain. I am declaring my weakness in the hopes you will keep your word that then I will be strong through you. This is one of those days when I know there is not another prayer to pray, another word to declare that will make you come quicker than you plan to. I just need you to move as you promised. Move as you told me you would. Move and declare to all that I am your most favored daughter.

I love you for loving me, for remaking me, for preparing me. I am ready.

Love Rissa

May the morning light bring me word of your unfailing love for me. (Guess I did find another word after all.)

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