Black and White

How do you pray for rain when it could mean a flood for someone else? How do you pray for life when it could come at the expense of someone else’s? How do you fight for freedom when it could mean the death of your slave master?

The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12), Jesus said. So much of life is about violence and not all of it is bad.

There is violence in war, love making, child birth. Each of them are about transition, power, surrender. Not everyone is a willing participant in war but in order to survive one must take up a weapon for the fight.

How could love making be violent if both participants are willing? Because it still involves a battle for surrender of one’s own body for the ultimate pleasure of mutual satisfaction.

Child birth is violent as well. A woman must surrender herself to a natural process that shakes her to the core when labor begins. She can either choose to fight against her body or surrender to it in order to allow her baby to come forth.

Life is violent because we must choose to fight to live as time seems to be our greatest foe, forever leaping forward, forever taking from us our energy, a moment, a memory. Not all battles are won with violence, some are won with surrender. The choice is to decide which one will bring us and those we love the greatest victory.

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