Live Honestly

Several years ago this was the motto for TCW. I think it’s time to return to it. Although I consider myself an honest person it has been amazing to take a stock of my conversations and count the number of times my first reaction is to lie to protect myself or to not hurt someone’s feelings. Most times I catch myself before it leaves my mouth, but every now and again, when it comes to protecting my own interests I slip.

When I was about seven my dad had left instructions before leaving for church that we were not to watch TV while they were gone. Everyone else went to sleep but I was fascinated by this new device in the house and I stayed up to watch. Of course I was tucked into bed by the time they returned home but I could not sleep. My conscience bothered me as it still does now when I am dishonest. I had to get up and confess to my father what I had done. I like being able to sleep at night and want to know when I am awaken it is not for a lack of a clear conscience. 

I am here today as I consider my writing and the impact it has on me and others. Truth always brings forth freedom, not bondage. Even in the moments when I write about my failures and troubles, it is amazing the freedom that comes as I release it on paper or online. Whether someone agrees with it or not, is never the issue. It is releasing myself and being open to saying “God I am so glad you are not through with me yet.” The Holy Spirit is a wonderful friend and I am glad He has taken such an interest in making be a better child of the Most High.

Writing honestly is also a challenge. It was my greatest challenge when I first began writing years ago. I edited every line before it was on paper and then edited it again right away. Worried what people would think about me if I said something one way or another. That worry blocked creativity and took on a life of its own. Soon, the story was discarded and I felt like a failure. It has taken me a long time to be able to write creatively and use my own experiences, dreams, ideas to fuel my work. Thank God for editing and time because as I write and release I can go back and look at my work and see the areas my own fears are still holding back my creative flow. It may be in the way I develop a character, my hesitancy to use certain language or relive an experience. I am grateful for this gift of writing and I look forward to seeing how my work impacts others as God allows.

Be blessed today. Live Purposefully. Live Hopefully. Live Honestly.

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  1. Just Live.

    Amen sister. Writing honestly sets you free and when it is challenging it is good to be able to look back and see the areas your own fears are holding back.

    If a man does not offend in word or in deed…he is a perfect man. We can strive for perfection in our writing not to offend but I always prefer my writings when I’m totally writing what the Holy Spirit pours out of me! Then I pray and deal with Him as to whether He really wants me to share that or whether it was just to get it out of me. May God always guide your pen as you write His answer to a world that’s lost without His Love.


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