Good Enough

I am good enough just the way I am today, right now, this moment, this year!  You too are good enough right now.

You are good enough because God declared it so after creating man in the Garden of Eden. The 21 Days guide is to help you be completely settled with that declaration and to fall in love with your Creator and seek His plan for your life.

More often than not in the past year, when I consider the visions God has placed before me, I get stopped at the notion that I am not good enough.

My thoughts and failures shout at me that someone else is much more qualified, prettier, wittier, wealthier and talented than me. But God never asked me to be qualified, prettier, wittier, wealthier or more talented. He has asked me to be obedient to His call for me to fulfill the passions and purpose inside of me for His glory.

When you stare in the mirror and can only see yourself through your past failures and present circumstances you will never believe you are good enough. But through consistent prayer and study of the Word of God (the Holy Bible) your eyes will be enlightened as Ephesians 1:18 says and can know with all assurance what you were created and empowered to do through Jesus Christ.

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  1. I receive this word Nerissa. Keep on being used for kingdom purpose.


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