Let it Go

A recent chat with some women included this question that I have asked myself so many times this year…”Why is it that the thing you want most, never comes to you until you let it go?”

This is true even for God-given dreams. I am talking about those Holy Ghost inspired ideas that shake your world, make you have to rethink who you are and the goals you have. The kind that when you embrace the dream, it becomes bigger than any you have ever dreamed before and now your one wish is to see it all come into being.

Even those dreams you must surrender back to the Giver. The truth is, only He can bring them to life; He merely asks if you would be courageous enough to believe and allow Him to manifest them through you.

It has been that kind of year for me. Every single dream, every one of my heart’s desires I had to let go. Always once they were no more important than the simple wish to see the sun rise, they came about.

Why is that always the case?

How do you get to the point of letting go, something that has literally fueled your spirit to get up and go to work when you would rather cower under the covers?

The answer is simple. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” God never wants us to be held hostage by anything or anyone. He does not want anything to be so important to you that to lose it, you are destroyed. We can let the dreams He gives us get bigger and more important than Him and that should never be.

So let it go. The house, the car, the friendship you swear makes you the person you are today, the job, the man, the children, the image, let them all go. All you really need is God. All you really need is to know that you are loved simply because He created you and you will be loved no matter what you have or don’t have.

It is quite liberating when you realize the love of God cannot be earned by you. It was a free gift purchased by Jesus Christ on Calvary.

My wish is that you go into 2009, free to live and move and enjoy your life. Free from obligations to keep up appearances and run with the Joneses. Free to love the gift which is you and to embrace and yet let go anything holding you back.

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  1. Nerissa, it has been wonderful having you on this beautiful island with your grace and encouragement. We need you here to help motivate these ladies and keep fire burning in hearts that may have gone cold. I want to hear about your trip and how the Cayman Islands has inspired you if at all………..Blah, Blah, Blah, or should I jut say….Blog, Blog, Blog

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