Don't Buy Into the Recession

Trust me, don’t do it.

This may seem a hard task when the news everywhere is that the US but also other world markets are in a recession. The very use of the word recession is powerful in itself and precludes a set of activities and decisions we make to compensate. They are counting on you to compensate for this by panicking, pulling your money out of one bank or another and making fear-driven decisions that give further weight to the “recession.”

You have to choose not to do so. This does not mean since everyone has stopped spending you go on a shopping spree. It does mean that you be aware of what is happening and continue to live your life with trust in God and the belief that His word which promises you provision in good times and bad will continue. If you do not believe in the bible, this will be hard to do. When your life is based on a worldly economy then what I speak about seems unrealistic. But those of us who know the Christ know that He warned that these times would come and He has already made provision for our supply to remain. 

Fear has torment, the Word says and when you allow the fears of the world to get inside of you, then you become tormented and you lose sleep, health and money. I pray that you will allow the joy of the Lord to permiate every area of your being and you will trust Him as never before to provide for you. In Isaiah God promises that He will open streams in the midst of the desert. This is a great time to expect God to keep His word to you and your family.

Leave the recession for those who don’t believe in the Master.

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