Big Dreams…Bigger God

Did the world change overnight or what? It seems that for many what they all thought was impossible is now very possible. What an amazing speech by President Elect Barack Obama but even more so, what a clear message from the people that they wanted change.

The touch of a finger or the check of a pen Americans chose to try something new and someone new. The US has always been a superpower with their government deciding when and where to intervene in the rest of the world. They have made decisions about the future of other nations throughout history often without their approval. Another decision was made for us yesterday and we had no say in the matter or did we? I think the combined vybes of a world hungry for change, hungry for a better world with more options sent a clear spiritual as well as verbal message how they should vote.

What happens now? During his campaign President Elect Obama often reminded voters that he could make decision about educational policies and laws from his office but it would be up to the individual to choose to abide by them, take advantage of them and also go further and take the education of themselves and their children in their own hands. We have to do more now. He followed the dream that he declared as a student in Malaysia that he wanted to be president of the United States. What dream are we following?

He reminded us during his speech that they were the underdogs when this campaign started, limited resources and not a lot of experience but the people who chose to give $5 and $10 pushed them forward. It is how battles are won, one step at a time, one choice at a time. We serve a great God who loves to use the foolish things to confound the wise. He enjoys seeing us trust Him beyond our very capacity and allowing Him to turn dust into gold, and put rivers in desert places.

Your dream is no bigger than the God, I love and serve. If you give it back to Him, give Him the honor and the praise, He can turn it for your good and His glory. We often think that its about just saying the words but it is more. Giving God your dreams include allowing Him to shape it into what He desires for you to have. It also means following the path He set for you to follow to get there. When we do this, we make our God bigger than the very big dream we have. He will not change, so trust Him today.

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  1. I cried listening to the president elect speech, what an amazing accomplishment. It is amazing what God can do. He is the reason we are seeing this amazing transfer within the U.S. and probably the world. Great article.

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