Ask for Water

drinkingwater2Judges 1: 14b, 15 “And as she sighed sitting on her ass, Caleb said to her: What aileth thee? But she answered: Give me a blessing, for thou hast given me a dry land: give me also a watery land. So Caleb gave her the upper and the nether watery ground. (Douay-Rheims Bible)

“And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs. (KJV)

Are you thirsty? Ask for water. Is the land where you now reside a dry land? Ask for water.

This short passage caught my eye this morning and I got stuck there. I had to research other interpretations of the scripture to make sense of these short verses.  Achshah was the daughter of Caleb and she had been instructed by her husband to ask her father to give them a field. Caleb had just given her hand to the son of his younger brother and she was now coming back to make a request.

Caleb saw her and realized she was bothered and asked what do you want?  She responded very matter of factly. You gave us dry land, we need land that has water in it. Her father did not hesitate, he gave her two new areas that had springs.

As women today who are supposed to have it all together, it has become quite difficult to ask for help. We fear hearing no but I think greater still we fear being perceived as not having it together or incapable of handling our own business. When a woman shows a bit of sensitivity, she is told to be tougher, when we open ourselves for help we get shot down or abused in the process. However these are not the only responses possible. We must become comfortable in our place as women to ask the men in our lives for help.

When we recognize the Old Testament scriptures as a type and shadow of what is to come, we see the redeeming message of Jesus Christ even in this story.

Caleb represents our Heavenly Father God, Achshah is the bride of Christ and Caleb’s nephew Othniel is Jesus. God gave us to be the bride of our Lord Jesus Christ, who when asked took up the mantle of our sins and layed down his life for us. Othniel took up the challenge to destroy the inhabitants of Debir (read story Judges 1:11-15) and won Achshah as his reward.

When Achshah came to her father, she did not come in the strength of their shared bloodline, she came at the instruction of her husband. Othniel knew he had favor with Caleb and he sent his bride to ask for a field with his authority. Today we can come in the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ when we accept His hand and become His bride. We no longer come before God because of a history of knowing but with a new relationship through Jesus. This relationship is stronger than anything that existed before. It gives us access 24-7 and guaranteed results.

It connects with me today as I am in a dry place. It is raining outside as I write but yet I feel quite dry. The provision that I have been waiting for seems to always be out of reach and I struggle with the hows and whys at times. As I read this, I know it is God’s word for me and you today. He has asked the question just as Jesus asked many times while here on earth ‘what do you want?’

Do you have a ready answer?

I do.

I need the springs to come up, just as they did when Noah and his family were in the Ark. I need them to open up and gush forth, not just in a spiritual way, I have seen that happening already but the physical manifestation of it all. Where provision is constant and sure, where there is abundance to do what God has called me to do, where there is no lack and I can provide for others as my heart desires to do much more than I can right now

Just as Caleb gave his daughter the lower and higher springs, so I need the rain of God’s blessings to fall down on me and my children today. Caleb responded immediately. How much more a God that is greater and not limited by time and space is ready to pour out his blessings on us?

In what ever situation you find yourself today, I pray you will answer the question He has already asked and continues to ask “what do you want?” Don’t hesitate. Don’t make excuses as to why you need it, just ask for what you want.

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