Where's the Proof?

Every now again I have to stop and tell God thank you. I have to acknowledge that He is truly God and I am someone that needs Him totally. This week I have been wondering why God allowed certain events to take place. The only purpose that I could see was to cause me pain and shame. In the past I would have been quick to judge myself and declare it was because of something I did wrong why the thing was happening but this time I didn’t. All I did was ask why. I have not arrived at the place that I trust without questioning God about the reasons and I appreciate the fact that He allows me to ask. Does that mean He answers right away? Not on your life.

Now I sit here to say thank you to a God that cared enough to create several situations designed to show me that I was over the past. What a God that would orchestrate a day, a week, a moment to show me that I was right where I was supposed to be and that I had come through the valley into His marvelous light. It is very easy to say “I’m over it.” Over the divorce, the death, the loss but where is the proof? It is only when we have to confront the people who hurt us, or the event that once brought us shame and pain and we shine brightly with our heads held high that we know for sure that it is truly behind us.

Tomorrow is a new day and I rejoice because it is filled with the light of God. I wish there were words to describe how I feel but I must simply say “thank you.”

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