Barack Obama's Ad

Ok, I am not American but you can’t help and be interested in what is taking place. If you missed the chance to see his 30-minute ad on TV, here it is.

His campaign strategy will be studied for years to come in marketing classes but the true proof of whether it was all slick photos, lights and graphics will be seen after November 4 and when and if he takes office.

I believe that whether he wins or not he has reminded not just the USA but all of us that we each have a responsibility to take our life in our hands. Yes, we need good government but as he said, government can’t make you turn off the TV and help your child with their homework or choose to attend a PTA than hang out at the mall. We each get to choose how our life turns out. Choose you today who you will serve and how you will live the life that was given to you.

The world is really waiting on us to be the change we desire to see.

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  1. Nerissa,

    This is indeed a powerful message, even if we are not Americans!

    Keep up the nice work….women and us men need these words of encouragement.


    J. Challenger

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