Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Pro-Grace

A few years ago, I would have stated adamantly I was Pro-Life as defined by the dictionary, meaning abortion should be illegal and every effort should be made to preserve the life of an unborn baby. (A minimalist view of a very vast label.) I still feel that way but I also feel strongly that women should continue to have the right to make that choice.

My reasoning has nothing to do with whether the woman was sick, raped or some other tragedy that has caused her to reach that decision. The truth is that God is a great God and He can do anything. If we choose to believe He can heal our unborn baby, He can. If we choose to let Him turn a baby born of rape into a blessing, He can certainly do so. If we choose to believe that life would be better without an unwanted baby, He also accepts that decision, recognizing we don’t see the whole picture.

But from the beginning of time, God gave us the right to choose. Joshua at the end of his days, spoke to the Israelites and asked them to choose who they would serve. He reminded them of the promises that his predecessor Moses had written down from God. There was no doubt about it. They had a choice. They could choose to serve the only Living God and reap the blessings that came with this life or they could choose to walk away and serve themselves and false Gods. The end result would be curses that were the opposite to the promised blessings.

God has never taken away our right to make choices. When Jesus came, He always spoke about the commandments and declared He came to fulfill them. He reminded us that the greatest commandment was to love. In other words, it is a matter of the heart. It is a matter of choosing to follow God’s plan over our own ideas.

It does sadden God when we don’t see the gift of life within us. He put it there. Every baby created is a slap in the devil’s face as he cannot create life. No matter the circumstances under which the child was conceived, God gets the glory when we bring them to life.

Women need to count the cost of their choices. They cannot look at just the immediate relief of the cover-up, the ease of not having to change their lifestyle to make way for a child, but the long term questions they will ask themselves. For many who have come to Christ since having an abortion it can be a bittersweet moment. They missed a chance to experience God’s grace to bring them through a challenging moment. Missed a miracle that He wanted to give them in the form of unmatched provision and blessings through a little creation. Yet they experience that same grace when they cast their choices at the feet of Jesus and accept His forgiveness and healing for choosing to have an abortion.

God gives us the power to choose our own path and destiny. His heart’s desire is that we choose life but no matter our decision, He will be waiting to embrace us with extravagant love and to help us make improved choices next time around.

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  1. Hi there, I was attracted to your title pro-grace so I decided to read your blog.

    You certainly do express some of the thoughts I have on the issue especially regarding the need to proclaim grace to women who have had abortions.

    However, I do kind of want to challenge/push you on one of your points. Your logic early on seems to be that women should retain the choice of abortion because God has granted us the ability to choose.

    Would you extend this lype logic to say that a woman has the right to kill her 2 year-old toddler or her 5 year-old child? My guess is that you would not.

    The reason why I don’t think the “God has given us the ability to choose” argument fits here is that truly the choice is nor just about the women herself. Two people who have life are involved. In the same way that you would EXCLUDE a woman from making the choice of killing her new-born/toddler/child, you should also argue that the woman cannot kill her unborn baby.

    I hope this gives you something to think about and if you disagree, you are more than welcome to delete the comment. I certainly don’t want to be an eye-sore to your blog.

    Thanks again though for the portion writing about God’s grace for these women. More and more of that needs to be expressed in the church.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. Rather than edit my own writing, I will just add comments as I process my thoughts. I don’t write when I have all the answers, I write many times to find out what my heart and head are struggling with.

    JM’s previous comments are valid and I welcome his push on the issue. This is not just about personal choice, we are also talking political as well. I for one am relieved not to be in the position at present to make a political decision on this issue. I pray for all those in power that must.

    However, all of life is built around laws. God set out His laws in the word and so governments are also run on laws. On the issue of murder, of course I would expect a woman who killed her toddler two be charged with the crime. As I write now, I see how naive I have been to not learn more about this issue and the many facets it involves.

    On the island where I live presently you can go to your doctor tell them you want to have an abortion and you can make an appointment to have one at a local hospital. I didn’t even know this until a young woman asked me to assist her with transportation to have “the surgery” done. At the time she had no one else to support her. I struggled with this for several weeks. Does my taking her to the hospital mean I support her abortion? No it did not but I realized I had to choose to respect her right to make a choice she could not see all sides of. As much as I could, I did tell her my feelings and even expressed that God wanted to do something special for her through this unborn baby that she was getting ready to kill. This was not a one-time conversation. I shared this over and over with her.

    She made the choice anyway and I know it hurt me a lot and it felt sometimes that it hurt me more than it did her. Not because she was heartless but because I realized she couldn’t see what I could. She could not see that God had a plan to make this new baby be for herr good. At the end of the day, I was still there. I couldn’t chastise her. I could only love her and declare that God’s grace was sufficient even in this moment. I believe that is when I really began to understand the power of grace. I also know grace is so much sweeter when we choose just to accept it and allow it to work in our lives before we make life altering mistakes. What the Lord told me even before this woman’s abortion was that “she hadn’t fully counted the cost.”

    From a legal standpoint, I can’t be on both sides of the issue and I am for life all the way. I just hope that for everyone who has to make these choices they are pro-grace and will allow God’s love to come forth first in all we do.

  3. WOW…..the article and two comments are truly enlightening and even confirmation for me. I was thinking about abortion yesterday and my view became pro life and pro grace. My thoughts were inspired by certain american preachers comments and admonition to the people to support and vote for righteousness. I take this stand…Jesus said seek the kingdom first and all its righteousness and all things will be added.

    So a politician who promises wonderful economic recovery for you but supports abortion….their values would be in question for me.(For believers as well, it’s about time we realize that we should NOT be living according to the secular worlds economic principles which tell us that money is no. 1 and makes the world go around.) We also know that we are in the last days and while it is possible and God does bless and favour his children in immeasurable ways in these times…the course of history has been already set and we have been given the prophecy and signs of impending doom and Christs soon return.

    On the matter of grace I realized that if us as believers truly embodied Christ heart, we would be reaching out before, during and after these girls pregancies.We should be providing an admonitioning and forgiving environment for them both in our personal lives and in the institutionalized church. If there were more of us providing this love and Nerissa tried to show…more of these girls would refrain form abortions.

    Imagine Nerissa’s probably LONE voice of encouragement against Government legislation, pro choice media campaigns, family pressure, bleak economic outlook, personal condemnation and WORST of all lack of knowledge of God’s grace, forgiveness and even miraculous provision and flow of blessing for her and her child once She submits her life to him.

    I realize the need for myself to be more vocal in a personal way to my many friends and family who are becoming pregnant outside of God’s will.

    Babies from the point of conception are people too….regardless of scientific definition once the egg and sperm meet it can only become ONE THING…GOD’s creation of a person. Let us respect the lives and choice of the many boys and girls in their mommies tummy.

    If you are in doubt of which stand to take…ask yourself if I give my baby a choice which one would he take? Evidently all of us alive today have taken that INSTINCTIVE CHOICE God gave us to live from since we were born!

    God gave babies that choice..and NO ONE has the RIGHT to take it away.


  4. oh yeah, good posts. I love thought provoking posts. Nerissa, I don’t know what I would do in your position if someone asked me to take them to the clinic because to me that would be enabling her…but I would want her to trust me after she did it so maybe I would challenge her that if she couldn’t find someone that 1) she think three times and I’d be praying for her the whole time that she would open her heart to hear God’s still voice in the midst of her choice.

    I pray that more disciples would make their lives open to vulnerable young people and speak to them from their heart. My heart would bleed for the unborn child. I was sent a link but I’m not sure what’s on it other than a young lady getting locked in an abortion clinic bathroom after her child was born ALIVE! YIKES! I think it’s called “22weeks”. Phew! What would I do? I pray that God will give us allll wisdom to do what HE would do. What would Jesus do? Maybe that will help young women to keep their legs closed because one abortion…many times leads to a seared conscience and then opens the door for another abortion and we have a problem of not wanting to take responsibility to lock them legs down like Madia would say. Lock it down Girlfriend. If you ain’t gah the money to raise the child…lock it down. Put the ring on the finger before I put my “ring” on your “finger”. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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