Senator Obama Has Already Won

Many people are waiting for the final voting results to decide on the winner but in my book, Senator Barack Obama has already won.

He won the moment he could even get a picture in his mind of himself as leader of the USA. 

He won the moment he could look in the mirror and see himself being the president.

He won again when he could open his mouth and share the vision with his wife.

He won when he didn’t stop there and shared it with other friends and advisors.

He won when he declared it to the world.

He won when he entered the race.

He won when he didn’t quit at the first sign of a stagger.

He won despite all of the criticism and challenges to his personal intergrity, race, religion, family, et al.

He keeps winning every day he stays in the race.

Who wins in November are all of the people who decide they want to win too.

We each have to claim victory every day. It is not a one time event. When we choose to believe, choose to fight, choose not to quit, choose to keep living, we win.

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