Say Hallelujah

For whatever reason you logged on to my blog today, just say a big hallelujah on my behalf and yours as well.

I am so excited for all God is doing and the blessings He has sent me to be able to minister the words that He gives me. It has been a trying year but the secret I will share with you is…NEVER SURRENDER YOUR JOY!

I don’t care how bad it gets, who rejects you, what you have to give up to go after the vision God put in your spirit. Do not under any circumstances give up your joy. In your joy is your strength. When you are strong you can fight. In the moments when you have lost the will to fight, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard and go to battle for you. When the dream you have dreamed while asleep and awake takes on a life of its own, just say Thank You Jesus.

God is awesome and He is about to do more awesome things for those who love Him. There are people waiting to receive the gifts that God wants to pour out through you, so stop hiding out. The world is waiting.

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