Be There

I am guilty quite often of being in the room and yet totally unaware of what is happening around me. Sad to say but I lived many years of my life like that. Merely existing. Doing what was expected of me and after having your questions go unanswered and no one daring you to dream, it is easy to become numb to your own life never mind what is going on outside your window.

It takes courage to admit that life as you know it is not enough and then wisdom and tenacity comes along to help you see there is so much more for you to see and experience.

Life is like that for me right now. I am seeing a different world than the one I knew it to be and not all of it is bad. The more I see, the more I am aware of what my purpose here is. The more I have the courage to ask the questions and wait for the answer, the more I learn that there is no one that is beyond redemption and we each can play a role in helping others.

Sometimes one word is all it can take to turn someone around, one touch calms a baby, one rub tells a husband he matters and you got his back. One look tells a friend you are listening when you don’t have the words they need to hear. One smile tells a child they have got your attention when you have no clue who Phineas and Ferb are.

Today just be there.

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