39 Weeks and Counting

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable things get the closer you are to your due date. I feel that way right now. Totally uncomfortable, nothing fits, restless and I can’t find the words to express myself the way I feel I should before God and man.

No, no babies in the womb of the physical kind but this is definitely a first for me to be carrying multiples of a dream. All I can fall back on is the experience of natural childbirth, which is this too shall pass. Eventually the restlessness and lack of sleep give way to intense pressure, then release, then joy, then relief.

You may be about to give birth in the natural or in the spiritual but it is the same. God promises He will give us a safe delivery. Many women fear the pain that comes with labor but the pain is actually your best friend. A sign that your gift is about to appear and you have reached the end of your preparation. I trust you will not push the pain away but feel it, in all its intensity. In that pain is your life and that of your baby. On the other side is a gift no one can match and you can never repeat.

Surrender to the pain and the work involved in bringing your baby to this world. To do otherwise is to endanger your baby, the promise, the dream you have been carrying in your womb for the past 39 weeks. 

When all else fails, I get comfortable on the floor. Always worked with the babies. I guess it is time to spend some time prostrate before God and beg for the strength to endure.

Be sure to send baby pictures. I promise to let you know when the gift has come to light.

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