It's Late


I’m up blogging at this crazy hour for one reason only. My nightly ritual of taking the kids to the bathroom went slightly askew and my youngest wet the bed. Not a major deal really but as is usual, I checked the time. My cellphone said it was only six past nine pm. Again not unusual, except it would mean that I had only been asleep for about six minutes and I knew that couldn’t be true.

I checked my phone several times and it was still the same. What happened? With no other accurate time in the room, I logged on to verify the time on my laptop and sure enough it’s actually almost one in the morning.

Obviously some little hands were messing with my phone and changed the time. But they had only a small window of opportunity to do that and so it narrows down the culprit. But I wrote all that to say this, It is later than we think.

We are looking at signs of the times around us but many don’t seem to be moved. They are actually the sound of a clock ticking down towards the return of the Lord and we need to be ready. Even in the midst of the signs we see, there are many that we cannot see and may not be able to perceive. Do not be fooled, Jesus is coming back.

It means we must be ready to change our agenda. There is one more pressing and it must be fulfilled. Even personal ambitions must be put aside for the one that Jesus commissioned us all for already. Go and tell the world, I am coming back. It is not very easy to let go of your own dreams for the one God places on your heart but when you can rest assured that He keeps His promises then you know in the midst of fulfilling His call, He meets every desire.

Good night. Be ready. It’s very late.


PS. Having written all of that. Something that was pressed into my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep comes to mind. The Spirit told me “when I first told you that it was later than you think, that was three months ago”. He said “It is Late.” Somehow time has shifted. The hour is now late. Are you ready?

If you are reading this. It is no accident. God has a plan for your life and He does not want you to miss another moment outside of His love. I pray that you will admit that you are a sinner, believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God and confess Him as Lord of your life. He won’t forsake you and He will take a personal interest in teaching you how to know Him. God’s love is all yours for the asking. Be Blessed in Jesus name.

PPS. It happened again. I woke up and the time had not moved beyond 20 minutes of when I began this blog. But the sun was shining into my room, so I knew it could not be one in the morning still. Obviously my kids had not been messing with my phone and now at three in the afternoon the problem has not reoccurred. As I studied the word this morning, the Lord took me to Isaiah 58. God is expecting that as we follow His instructions and free captives, feed the poor and share His love that the darkness in our lives will become as that of morning light. When we can let go of our own agenda to serve others and thereby serve God, He will take care of all your concerns and cares. We must shift into high gear. Get rid of the distractions and get to work. It is late.

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