The Roller Coaster

A Roller Coaster is what I am on. Luckily it doesn’t feel like one of those that make you lose your lunch. In truth, it is a coaster with loop de loops and going a million mph. The difference is me. All of these situations come but as Paul said “they don’t move me.” I identify with the command to be steadfast unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

The rollercoaster is on the move again. I am sufficiently disoriented that I do not know if I am upside down or right side up, whether this is a deep dive coming or a steep incline.

In these moments, you can only hold on and trust. You are trusting that the one who designed this thing, really had aced Physics and the finer points of aero dynamics

When you can do nothing but hold on, you have lots of time to think. This is when you see what you’ve been chomping on. Either the heavy bile of negativity and hopelessness will come up or the sweet calm assurance that this is one ride you will live to tell the grandkids about.

This is only a test. Nothing more. Hang on. The ride is almost over.

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