The Roller Coaster II

I am feeling very angry right now. Frustrated. A new loop on this Roller Coaster that seems to have no end has begun. I want to tell the man at the controls where to go but He seems far away. Even when it slows down at the station long enough for me to catch a glimpse of Him, there never is enough time to catch His attention. He’s not looking at me. So, He doesn’t see my ashen face and the not so silent screams. There are others around me screaming as well. Each trapped in their own pain. I want them to notice I am not happy. I wish they would say something but they don’t.

This is one time, I don’t want to show myself friendly. I’m tired of making the first move.

There’s the conductor again. He’s starting to turn. I wonder what I could do to get Him to stop this thing? I don’t want to go another round on this ride. He’s getting closer. I grip the hand that was stretched to me. I guess I’m not alone in this after all. Sometimes it helps to have someone to scream with…so here it goes.


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