Release – Truly Woman Magazine Launched

Premiere Edition of Truly Woman magazine

MONTSERRAT, W.I. (September 9, 2008) – goldenmedia Montserrat announced the launch of its new eMagazine for women, called Truly Woman. The publication is the latest project from entrepreneur and author Nerissa Golden.

“The magazine is another avenue for women to be inspired and to connect with women from across the globe. We have purposely left out the word Caribbean on this publication to expand the brand’s appeal to women of all walks of life,” explained the Creative Director. 

Truly Woman will focus on helping women to achieve balance in all areas of their life based on principles in the word of God. Golden said she is already receiving unprecedented feedback about the project and looks forward to seeing women use it as a platform to build and recreate their dreams. 

The premiere edition of the magazine focuses on overcoming fear and offers advice on launching a small business, finding untapped sources of income, enhancing relationships with men and parenting.

“We packed a lot into this 20-page issue and it is only going to grow from there,” she added. “Future issues will feature more personal stories from other women and I look forward to sharing this magazine with the world.”

Truly Woman magazine is available free to download by going to the blog. Everyone is encouraged to “share the good stuff” and forward it to all of their friends.

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  1. The publisher, Ms. Nerissa Golden is a spirited and gifted entrepreneur. . The fact that Truly Woman magazine is available electronically means that would reach a wider audience than traditional magazines in which to address pertinent issues. This first issue of the magazine focuses on nurture and development; with her experience she will deliberately bring other relevant concerns to the forefront. She also brings networking and other practical ideas to the magazine which are critical in our individualistic society. The biblical counseling that Truly Woman offers aims to help people find their power. This magazine presents an opportunity for inspiration and true insight.

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