The Grace to Live

Faith is for the future. Grace is for living today.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the things I am waiting to happen, I forget to stop and smell the roses. Today is my daughter’s birthday and although she has been counting down for months now, I have just been more concerned about the other things that I believe are so necessary, like our own home and just being more stable.

This morning before she woke up I had to decide that today was going to be her day. I could dwell on all of the things I wanted to give her that she couldn’t have or I could make the best of the moment and just be with her.

She always feels left out because the other kids all make birthday closer together and earlier in the year. She literally has to wait for another four months before her time comes around. All she wanted was some fish. Every day, a new question about taking care of fish and did I believe God would answer her prayer to get her some fish. He did. She got four little Guppies in a bowl.

She won’t be getting a birthday party so I decided we would bake her cake together. It turned out really well considering I pulled a recipe out of my head but more than that, it was just the time spent together. I always enjoyed licking the bowl, my kids do too. So it was a small war to get enough of the batter into the heart-shaped pan she chose before they went to town on the leftovers.

Now we are waiting on it to cool. No one seems to mind that they haven’t had a proper lunch. Everyone wants cake. I want some too.

I had to ask God for the grace to live today rather than focus on a future that is not promised to me. I would have missed her moment and that smile she gets all over when her heart’s desires come to past. Today is a day to be grateful because I have so many blessings, especially the G Crew, who love me unconditionally and who stick with me no matter what obstacle we are facing. I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anyone else I want having my back in a fight than my kids.  They know how to pray, they believe God and they give the best hugs just when I need reminding that all I have is today.

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