No Apologies – I'm a Jesus Freak

Back in the day I loved me some DC Talk and I must confess I am still a Jesus Freak today. Check out there video on You Tube here ,

There is a lot I can say about having a better life, improving relationships, making money and so on but all of it is meaningless if it doesn’t start with a relationship with Jesus and end with Him. King Solomon who had wisdom, riches and anything his mind could conceive got to the end of his life realizing it all is vanity, meaningless. The pursuit of money only leads to an endless desire for more money. The yearning to belong and fit in always leads to a yearning to fit in to the latest and the greatest that society dictates.

But when you seek the peace of God and pursue it, this only leads to a consistent yearning to maintain a relationship with a faithful God and to serve Him the way Jesus did.

I say this today because I remember the days when my fervor just to speak about Jesus was equally mixed with my own fervor to stand out and I built myself my own temple to worship me in. Pride still goes before the fall and so I had my fall. What I now know to be true is that nothing I share about having the life you desire can be obtained with any real success without the knowledge that Jesus is essential for true happiness and peace. I want that for you. True happiness and peace. When you have peace, everything else follows. When you pursue money, fame, land, men, women, a career, believing those things will bring you happiness you are guaranteed to be disappointed.

Jesus is worth knowing. In fact He is the source of true living, and true peace. I trust that as you read my blog you will be inspired to seek Him out for yourself. He promises that if you seek me, you will find me, if you knock I will open.

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