Amazing Grace

Wow, I am learning so much about grace. The definition being the unmerited favor of God to His people. If we only understood the true riches of grace and in tapping into it each and every day of our lives we would be amazed at the results.

Grace allows you to rest when every circumstance around you says “worry.” Grace gives you many moments to laugh when your situation says “there is only sorrow to be found in this mess.” Grace allows you to walk boldly to the throne of your Heavenly Father and ask for mercy when the crime justifies eternal punishment. Grace says “Goodness and mercy are following you all the days of your life” although you see only the enemy chasing you down.

Women today are all in need of this grace. The ability to see beyond the troubles and find the wealth of riches in the experience. To see beyond simply making lemonade from the lemons you’ve been dealt to baking a lemon cake or a lemon meringue pie. The scars we bear say we should have been dead or without use but grace says “we are just getting started and now you have a good story to tell.”

I am excited to tell this story of grace in all I do. I want people to know that God really did make a way for us to live this life with hope and joy. He wants us to avoid the pitfalls that lurk on every corner and even when we do fall into them, grace applied says “its okay. Jesus already paid the price.”

When you experience His grace it makes you want to love Him more. It becomes easier to choose to do right and to live right because you want to please the Father. It is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is already yours when you live with the understanding of the fullness of God’s grace extended to you.

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