Top that God

So many times we get overwhelmed by the simplest of needs and it becomes a far stretch to believe God for the impossible. But the God I love and serve loves a good challenge.

Jesus said in Matthew 6 that our Heavenly Father knows we need food, shelter, clothing, and the basics so its really not necessary to ask Him to provide them. In fact we are to live expecting and accepting that He has already supplied what we need.

So what then do we do with our prayers. If asking for something to eat or the means to supply it is a waste of time, what do I pray about?

How about the impossible dream that you have been walking around with. The idea in the back of your mind that the minute your head gets quiet enough it pops into your vision. You can close your eyes and see yourself doing it, living this way, being this woman that you have wanted to be for so long. Those are the things you pray about. The dreams you cannot accomplish on your own.

One of my favorite new stories in the bible is found in Luke 11:5-7.Jesus is telling the story of a man who gets a late night visitor from a friend but he has nothing to serve him. So he goes to his other friend down the road and asks him for a meal to provide to his guest. At first the man is unwilling because it is late and also he says his family is asleep. But Jesus goes on to say that eventually he gives in, not just because he is his friend but because he was bold enough to ask.

Are you bold enough to ask God for the impossible? I guarantee that your level of impossibility won’t compare to what God wants to do for you. I have learned to dream the biggest dream that I can and then say ‘God. top that.’ He never resists my request and His answer to my top that request usually shuts me down and sends me running for cover. But my desire to see God bring it to past outweighs the fears I have of my ability or inadequacy about obtaining it. There is nothing you request that is in line with God’s will to do you good and exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think, that He is unwilling to supply.

Dream big today and then believe in the God who will top it with His dreams for your life that will take you further than ever before.

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