Obstacles in Giving

Yesterday I was standing at the checkout in the supermarket waiting my turn. As I began to place the items on the conveyer I momentarily thought “man I hope I have enough to pay for these.” I was pretty sure I did but was also thinking would there be enough for anything else. As I finished the thought I heard the Spirit say “yes you have enough. I have supplied all your needs according to my riches in glory.”

Always one for a debate I tried to recall the scripture in my head. I know it had lots of possessive pronouns in it and I wanted to get them in the right order. Philippians 4:19 Paul was telling the Philippians, MY God will supply YOUR needs according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

What I want to emphasize to you is that your supply is based on HIS riches, not yours. I could pull out other scriptures that talk about accessing your heavenly account and about the importance of sowing so you can reap but right now, there are some of you reading who have never sowed anything and wouldn’t even know where to start. That however does not disqualify you from accessing God’s supply. The reason is that Jesus paid the price that cleared your account and immediately gave you total access to all that God has for you.

If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior then all that God has is yours, without limitations. This is the gift of grace. The free and undeserved favor of a Mighty God.

Does this mean that you don’t have to be a giver? No it doesn’t. I have found that the more I receive and accept that I can access all that God has for me without measure, then I my desire to please Him increases and I desire to share whatever He blesses me with as often and as much as I can. Not too long ago, it was hard to find a dollar to share but I see my ability to give increasing daily. The more I open myself to give, the more I am open to receive. The more I accept that God wants to bless me, the more I am open to receiving what He has not only for my good but to the benefit of all who cross my path.

I have also learned that giving is not about cash alone. Give your time, give a few minutes to listen to a friend or a stranger who just needs to unburden their soul, share a word of encouragement, offer to pray for someone with a need. There are so many ways to give. You are only limited by your imagination and your fear of what people might think.

Don’t allow anything to stop you from giving. Don’t allow anyone to stop you from receiving what is a free gift for you to receive from a merciful and Heavenly Father.

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