Too Stubborn to Quit

I was told today that I am too stubborn for my own good. Never realized that it was a bad thing until you’re stubborn in relation to people who want you to go there way and you are resisting.

I’d say that being stubborn has worked for my good a time or two. The woman with the issue of blood was stubborn. For 12 years she kept visiting doctors, medicine men, old wise women, anybody who could help her get rid of the blood condition that kept her a prisoner in her own life. Never being able to fall in love, raise children, be around family, share in a best friend’s wedding because she was unclean.

One day she heard that the Master Healer was in town. I know if I was in her shoes, rather than give up you are thinking, “Girl we’ve tried everything else and the money is gone but just one more time, let’s  see what this guy is about.”  There is a time and a place when you are past reasoning and just desperate for a miracle. Call it stubborness but you have been at this for 12 years why give up now?

I feel that way today. I can’t give up now. Call me crazy. Call me what ever you want. Just don’t call me collect as they say but I will be stubborn if it means, that I get to touch the hem of the Master’s garment. For there I will be made whole (nothing missing, nothing broken.)

I’ve been meditating on this woman all weekend. I awoke Saturday morning from a dream where I was having my period again and the other women around me were all in the same situation. All our money was being spent on sanitary napkins and no one knew why. I know why now.

So many of our women are sick and in prison to issues that they have been unable to cure themselves.  Doctors and medicine men do not have the cure. Old wives tales are useless and only a desperate touch from the Master will be enough.

When Jesus felt power leave His body, He asked ‘Who touched me?’ The disciples thought He was nuts because they were in a crowd. The bible says that Jesus looked around to see ‘her who had done this thing.’ You are touching and you don’t even have the time to introduce yourself and make a request. But that doesn’t matter. He knows your name and he knows you are a woman in need of His touch.

Jesus called her Daughter. Only the true Church of Christ gets called Daughter. ‘Your faith has made you whole. Go in peace and be whole.’

I have heard those words in my spirit almost every day for the past 10 months. Over and over I have asked. ‘Where do I go?’ I know the word peace speaks of prosperity and wholeness in every area of life. Jesus told her she was healed and then go in peace and be totally whole. It wasn’t until this weekend I got the revelation of what He really told her.

There are many of us who have been healed from the sickness in our lives. Whether it was a physical or emotional one we have accepted that it is gone but there is more to be gained than just a healing. Jesus told her based on the Greek translation ‘go into peace.’ Walk into total wholeness, never returning to this place of issues and brokenness again.

I don’t know about you but I am ready to walk into my peace, never returning to the issues of the past. The only good they now hold in my life are as a testimony to the faithfulness of God to see me through any situation, to find me in any dark place, and be the Shepherd that walks me through every valley.

I am loving Jesus today. It’s easy to love someone who you realizes loves you unconditionally and despite all that you are and are not.

Stubborn. Yeah that’s me. Too close to destiny to quit now.

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