The Answer is…

…Only a prayer away. A breath away. A laugh away.

The answer is…I am with you always.

The answer is…Rest in my arms, for I desire to be with you always.

The answer is…There is nothing coming against you that you and I together are without the ability and strength to overcome.

The answer is… I the Lord, am with you. I have a plan for you that others will not understand or see. I the Lord will come to your rescue when you cry unto me. You will find that I never left, that I was the one carrying you.

The answer is…I still do miracles. I have one waiting for you to believe me for. I look at you each day hoping, wishing you would dare to make pictures in your mind that you want me to help you bring to life.

The answer is…Let go of the worry, it is nothing. All of the things you need, you really don’t for if you have me, you have everything.

The answer is…I love you more than you will ever know and I am waiting for you to talk to me.

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