New Friends

Earlier this year, I wrote an entry about showing yourself friendly. It ended with me learning a valuable lesson about befriending those that Jesus would befriend. Shortly after writing that piece I was approached by a young woman while surfing the net one day in town. She was destraught and wanted me to help her write a resume so she could apply for a job. That was a piece of cake. It was harder to find somewhere to print it as I we had to walk until we could find an office of someone willing to do a favor.

That was not to be the end of our meeting because God laid it on my heart to stay in touch with her. When I finally got around to calling her, she told me that when I first met her she had been living on the verandah of someone’s home as she had no where to live.  I prayed for her and asked God to open a door. By the next time we spoke she was staying with a distant relative. I gave her a few clothes I had and some money. Upon our next conversation she admitted that she was sure I would be mad with her at what she needed to tell me. She was pregnant. I was not surprised. I could see she was from our first meeting but whether she was in denial or just plain ignorant of the state of her body, she was too far along to turn back the hands of time.

I was not in a financial position to get her everything she needed or so I thought but what unfolded over the next five months was nothing short of a miracle. My calls were moments to just encourage her to keep believing God and not to give up. I could testify to her of God taking care of babies because I have four that God literally clothed and fed. With every call, every visit something new had transpired in her life and each event better than the one before.

I put out the word that I was looking for baby clothes. It became fun to call her and say, “hey I got a new bag for you.” What a wonder to see her face light up, whenever she saw one more thing on her list taken care of without a dime. By the time she was to deliver, everything her baby needed was available.

God is awesome like that. As time has gone by her little boy is quite a treasure and a true blessing from God. Every day God seems to do a new miracle for this young woman and I love seeing it happen. I have also come to see that the greatest blessing has been mine to be a part of the miracle. I have seen that God does not need me to bless anyone, but it is a chance for me to also be blessed in the process.

If there is one person I know who is praying for me, my new friend is. That has become more valuable than all of the gifts I have received over the years. God wants to bless us each day through the people we help. Don’t miss your chance to be a blessing because you do not think you have anything of value to give. Sometimes all you need to give is your time.

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  1. Thank you for your realistic writings.

    Nerissa no doubt is a writer of promise. Her writing reveals her generous and brilliant intelligence. Her experiences influences her life and work as she makes the broken whole through her faith in God.

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