A New Beginning

The religious world is making much of today being August 8 of 2008. God being a God of perfect order and sequence, eight is the number of new beginnings.

However, not everyone will have their new beginning today. It will only be experienced by those who have done the work. What work you ask? The work to seperate yourself from the pain and burdens of the past that have kept you from receiving God’s best. If you believed everything prophesied at the start of the year, you swore January was going to find each believer abounding in supernatural blessings and favor. But I know, the start of the year signalled a deeper commitment by God to seperate me from the past.

It was not pretty at times and down right embarrasing at other moments. You don’t pray and ask God to do a work then hope He doesn’t remember. He takes your prayers seriously and He is not about to pour the new wine of His power and blessings into a life that is old and stained with the sins of the past. He is all about new beginnings but first He wants to make you over as new.

I love the new me. She is more patient and loving, first to herself and then to others. This new woman still has fears but rather than allowing them to paralyze her from moving, she takes a moment to look beyond the fear and see the glory waiting on the other side. Like a woman in labor, you know the delivery is a necessary journey to bring forth new life. And so, I pray that you continue to allow the Lord to remake you anew so you can have your new beginning.

It could happen today for you, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and be Lord of your life. He won’t turn down the invitation and if you trust Him, He will guide you every step of the way to become the person you were designed to be even before the world began.

Much love and miracles to you and yours today.

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  1. You’re post spoke to me as I today I looked down the road of the past and realized where he has brought me from. I no long inhabit the past but am now living in the present. Thank you for such a beautiful post that rang true in my spirit. Enjoying the new beginning.

  2. Her highly autobiographical works once again explores the theme of hope, through prayer.

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