Love is Waiting

With a breath of fresh air I write today. Its good to be alive and great to be in love. Who’s the lucky guy? might be the first question on your lips and the answer would be, he hasn’t arrived to get me yet.

I refuse to wait until he shows up to know what love feels like. I refuse to deny myself feeling passion in my own life and experience it because I am single.  I breathe freely today because I know the love I have been waiting and longing for has been with me all along. I could not see it, I could not feel him, I could not feel this woman that I desired to be because there was only fear.

There can be no love where fear exists. Yet fear is a gift. It stands waiting to show you the way to love because love is the opposite of everything you fear. I wish you would today look at the fears in your life and say “thank you for pointing the way. I mistook you for reality and thought this is how my life is and will always be. I did not realize you were merely a signpost saying “look beyond, there is more to learn and grow. Don’t stop here, this is not love.”

When you can see fear for what it is, then you can bid it adieu and move on to a life filled with the love that you dreamed about. Love is waiting, so say yes.

Be blessed.

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  1. She writes with an intense understanding of her psychology. She is open, strong and forthright as she reveals to her readers it is okay to take a controversial position because LOVE conquers all. God is Love

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