Being Diligent

Today is one of those days I am working at being diligent at writing. Not so much because I want to inspire anyone but because I must keep the thoughts at bay. The fears and the anxiety about tomorrow. Proverbs says the thoughts of the diligent are towards plenteousness and right now I will be plenteous in my words as I prepare to be plenteous in my pocketbook, in my relationships and in my life’s purpose.

You don’t just get up one day and suddenly you are diligent. It is a life’s work. You just choose each day to write, to love, to laugh, to have faith, to believe, to dream. You get up every day and choose to have the same dream, the same goal, the same motivation to attaining the dream. You set a date, work towards the target, when it comes and goes and the dream is not attained, you don’t throw out the dream you set a new date and get back to work.

Being diligent at writing out my pain rather than keep it inside, is why I have a book today. I dreamed of   putting my keys on a keyboard and not moving until the book was done. The truth was I couldn’t even sit still long enough to form a good sentence because my thoughts were filled with the doubts you get when you want something so bad you can taste it.   But I stayed faithful to the dream, before I knew what the book would be called, when it would be finished, if it would ever be published. I stayed diligent about admitting when I felt nothing but fear but rather than let it shame me into silence, I spoke anyway.

I am staying faithful today when there are circumstances around me that say “GIVE UP!” I can’t. I’ve been faithful over the little, Jesus promises that it will eventually turn to being faithful over much.

Be faithful towards your heart’s desires today. Don’t give up. Take a moment and breathe. Recharge yourself with a walk outside or on the beach. Listen to the laughter of your children. Go give them a big hug and inhale their scent. Make love to your husband. Be faithful over your little, it will eventually be much more than you could ever dream about.

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  1. A fine writer, an interesting character.

    Her intelligence has brought her to serve.

    God is guiding her as she continues to be a blessing.

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