Tropical Escapes – First Fiction Novel by Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe

Sunrise, Florida, June 29, 2008 – Passion, intrigue and romance come alive as only they can in the Caribbean. The first novel by renowned speaker and entrepreneur Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe is a must read for lovers of the islands and romance.

Tropical Escapes introduces us to several amazing women whose lives cross and become entwined through friendship, heartbreak and intrigue on the fictional island of Hibiscus.

Zetta O’Neal has had much success as an author but a broken marriage has left her wounded and unable to practice what she’s been preaching for years. When her ex-husband returns violently into her life she is forced to escape and reconsider her future. Her time on Hibiscus brings several revelations. One, she may just have stood up her best hope for lasting love by running away without a good bye. Two, if you get rid of fear your past won’t become your present or the future. Three, all good things and love too comes to those who wait.

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe an international consultant and CaribVoiceRadio host says “Tropical Escapes is a blend of inspirational healing, a glimpse at cultural nuances, politics, but most of all it is a humorous look at this journey we call life and the places this journey takes us. What better place, a tropical setting, for self-discovery and personal growth.”

The gender and youth development expert, management consultant and social entrepreneur, is best known for her transformational book, A Woman’s Guide to Soulful Living: Seven Keys to Life and Work Success; as well as a rites of passage curriculum for girls, titled Soulful One: For Girls As They Journey to Womanhood.

“Anita’s first novel is filled with the flavors of the Caribbean that so many of us take for granted. She shares her passion for our culture as if she too has her umbilical cord buried under a banana tree, if only on Hibiscus,” says Nerissa Golden, a motivational speaker and author. “I thoroughly enjoyed how she captured the essence of our people and our love for the Caribbean.”

Published by Afia Press in Sunrise Florida, Tropical Escapes is now on book stands and available online at and via Dr. DeFoe’s website at

Tropical Escapes brings to life the beauty of the islands, the culture and food but also connects us with the political intrigue, quest for power and the desires of individuals to change their piece of paradise for the better.

A freelance writer for publications like Caribbean Voice Newspaper, Sisterhood Agenda (New Jersey); Caribbean Life (Trinidad), Mahogany Butterfly (New Jersey) and She Caribbean (St. Lucia); and a contributing author to “100 Words of Wisdom for Women”, Davis-DeFoe takes the reader on an exhilarating ride laced with romance, political undercurrents and deception.

Afia Press Vice-President, Donald Pottinger commented, “We are excited about the release of Dr. DeFoe’s new book, and we are certain it is going to be a bestseller. The story line, the lively characters, and Anita’s sense of humor and imagination are going to make this book popular with readers and book clubs everywhere.”

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