Online Friends – A New Treasure

I was feeling pretty blue today until I decided to come outside and take in another perfect Caribbean night. The coconut tree branches rustle with the steady breeze and someone’s cat keeps playing peekaboo with the trellis. The blues went away the minute I realised I had a good internet signal and with a simple log on…hello world.

Brad Paisley’s got this song that says ‘I’m so much cooler online.” (Yes, I love country music!) I don’t pretend to be something I am not online but this technology has opened a whole new world to me. The best part of this is the friendships that I have formed with people I have never met, yet we share the same passions and use our time together to encourage each other never to stop dreaming or lose faith. With a few mouse clicks, I can edit someone’s book for them, or they mine. We discuss loneliness, fears, challenges and by the end of the conversation it all seems to have faded away.

The best part is that it stays that way, long after I log off. Because I know that once again I was able to share a piece of myself with someone and all it took was the time to say hello, how are you doing? and being williing to wait for the answer.

I needed that today. I needed to feel needed by someone other than myself and I realise now that was. It’s drizzling, time to head in doors. Good night.

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  1. Once again Nerissa takes you further and further into the truth of the human condition.

    She has a consistent holding pattern as she creates a spring board to a story.

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