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In case you missed the headlines, Jesus is Coming Soon. Yeah, I know you didn’t get the newsflash on CNN but that doesn’t make it any less factual. Thing is, are you ready to meet Him?

Soon is relative and soon will be as soon as you and I get our act together and start looking like a bride being adorned for her husband. To tell you the truth when I got married, it was a pretty slap dash affair and if I had just thought about my lack of passion as it related to my wedding day, I would have never showed up at the Court House.

If we are conscious of the dream that women carry to have the perfect wedding day and practice that level of preparation in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we won’t have to worry about showing up and wondering, should I really be getting married today.

Just as marriage should be taken on consciously and with precision, so should the Bride of Christ be conscious and precise about our decision to walk with Him each day. I can see Him anxious for the wedding day but His Father, saying “No Son, She’s Not Ready yet.”

You wouldn’t want your man to come pick you up for a date and your hair isn’t done and your nose and eyes are puffy from crying because you realized you had nothing to wear? Days before, hours before you have started prepping for his arrival. Yet, we act as if we have all the time in the world to get ready for our Christ.. Jesus said “behold I stand at the door and knock.” He is knocking and you aren’t even home to answer. You were to be there waiting for Him because you accepted Him as your savior and pledged to serve Him. Now He has shown up and you are not there.

I pray that today you will get ready to go. That preparation includes accepting Him as your Lord, renouncing sin, learning who Jesus is by reading and believing His word, then committing to shining your Light in the world around you. It’s getting dark ya’ll so it must be time that our lights shine brighter than ever before.

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