Time is the Master

Time is the Master. That’s the mantra I have been chanting for more than three years now. But it is a master I continue to struggle against surrendering to. Not just the inevitability of things changing only in time but to the One who controls time.

You would think that after delivering four healthy babies, I know the necessity of things happening only in the right time. You are never more aware of that than when your baby is in your womb and as excited and anxious as you are to hold them in your arms, you recognize that for labor to come too soon, you endanger there life and yours.

This is where I am at right now; doing my utmost to remind myself each day that I must wait. Wait on a promise. Wait to see the promise come to past in the right moment. Wait for me to become better at waiting. Just wait.

These moments are quite a challenge for me when I am so used to handling things myself. I’ve always got a back-up plan and several new ideas just in case this doesn’t work out. But I am in a location on my journey when there is no back-up plan and I have no desire to implement another idea of my own. I truly want what God has for me.

One truth that has now been made clear is that my inability to wait was due to my lack of belief that God would actually keep his word to me. In an effort to facilitate the success of the promise, like Abraham I have tried take people on my journey who should have been left behind and made covenants with people who can never bring me good.

I am so glad like Abraham, there is the commitment from God that He will perform His plan in His time. If and when I can remember that it will come to pass, then and only then can I rest and relax as I wait on time. My efforts only harm my progress and whether I show up at the promise bruised and battered or peaceful and victorious. I much prefer the latter and usually there are some pretty dresses that come along with doing things God’s way.

And so I will wait. Then wait some more tomorrow until God brings everything to light and life in His time.

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