Your Appointed Time Has Come

Hey Girl,

I just felt like celebrating with you today. I have heard the good news. Its liberation day. Yeah. Your Appointed Time has come. (Psalms 102:13) The time to favor you and show everyone that you walk in God’s promise is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, Now.

It was hard wasn’t it? Tell a sister will you. How did you get through those crazy days and nights when all God did was strip you naked? How did you feel when you looked all around you, and there was absolutely no one to call on, no one to talk to who could relate? I’m thinking you felt like I did the day I froze taking my Physics CXC final when I knew all the answers but couldn’t figure out how to work the protractor. Couldn’t measure an angle to save my life. Had no recollection on how to calculate the square footage, velocity, zip.

I am mad proud of you cause this time, you didn’t freeze up. You just kept walking. You kept walking and refused to look back. Yeah, yeah. They called you crazy too. Yeah, I get that a lot but you get used to it. Cause they don’t see what you see and they are not supposed to. This is a solo journey that God takes His special Daughters on. Some days I bet you didn’t feel that special. In fact it looked closer to abandonment than favor. But then you felt it, you heard it, you saw it. You saw the Lord God show up in the middle of a nightmare and be your hero. You heard his voice singing over you, You felt the Spirit rise up and declare the word of the Lord that you were chosen and favored and an overcomer.

Man, that must have been something. Now here you are today, able to tell me about it and smile. I am so proud of you.

Welcome to the Sisterhood Daughter of Zion.

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