One of Dem Days

Its definitely one of those days when I need help outside myself. You know those days, when you don’t have the energy for one more bright idea, one more phone call or email. Hiding under your bed is not an option but you’ve just about had it. On those days, my prayer is a simple one. Lord, I don’t want to know how much more I can take, I just want it over. I want to be on the other side of this mountain, cause the walk is long and my efforts to tell the thing take a hike into the sea have not worked, cause here I am still trekking up the rough side.

So it must be one of dem days, when the only answer is to rest. Take a moment and look back at how far up the mountain I am, rather than despair that its not the top yet. From where I am sitting in the shade of the Almighty, this girl is not where she was yesterday and even though the day is young, I am miles away from the woman I was a few short weeks ago.

The world tried to chew me up and spit me out, but all it did was make me dig deeper. Sift my thoughts, my dreams and my hearts desires. I keep coming back to the same ones all the time, so it means I must stay the course.

You know from here, I am closer to the top of the mountain than I am to the bottom and the last valley. In fact, if I stand up and crook my hand just right over my eyes, I can see glory in the distance and it has my name on it. Jesus told His Father that He is glorified through the work that we do and I love when God gets the glory (John 17). I hope you do too. Don’t give up. We are almost there. Keep trekking.

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